Finishes for Concrete or composite stone

1. CONCRETE: (see the photo gallery under Main Products)

Colors in concrete are available as follows:

1. Antique white - highlights over plain grey concrete; 2. Antique Grey -same as above but darker background; 3. shades of brown ; 4. shades of rust; 5. Plain concrete is available for certain pieces.

Some pieces on this website are shown with custom colorization (reds, blues, greens); these finishes are no longer available as standard finishes.

Avtech finishes are ETCHED INTO the concrete  and NOT PAINTED ON  the surface.  Concrete that is painted on the surface will eventually flake off, peal, wash off or fade in the sunlight.

Avtech Castings  uses etching materials that achieve a natural patina.  In addition to browns, rusts, and grey as the base colour, every detail is then highlighted.

 Natural aging and weathering of natural cast stone concrete can be very appealing.

To further achieve a high end product, most of the pieces, where necessary are sealed to further protect both the concrete and the finish.

2. COMPOSITE STONE: Composite stone pieces have their own unique finish which has many shades of grey, beige, rust, ochre blended in to look like natural stone and no two pieces are identical which makes it more of an artistic result.  These finishes are suitable for outdoors in a well protected situation (hanging plaque, or a statue set on cobblestone for drainage), or else sealed with an appropriate sealer. We normally seal pieces if they are to be left outdoors, unless a matt natural finish is requested.

Note regarding Composite Stone finish: Natural salts in the product normally appear on the surface and give the finish an earthy look that resembles an older weathered piece or the white that appears on an old brick building.  You can remove  the excess whiteness with a damp cloth if desired; although we have found that this authentic look is desirable to buyers looking for a unique piece.